XML (Extensible Markup Language) has had a major impact on technology. From simple XML tags to RSS feeds, the power of XML has enabled new technologies and changed the way business is done over the Internet. WeFulfillIT.com recognized the practical applications of this technology and developed an XML file format that can be used in submitting e-commerce orders.

Our XML format is recognized by several shopping carts including Yahoo Stores, Ultracart, 3DCart, Volusion, X-Cart, Viart, and Magento. Having an account with these shopping carts allows your orders to seamlessly interface with our ordering system. Once the order is completed at the shopping cart, it is transmitted to WeFulfillIT in the XML file format specified. This includes the customer information, product, and shipping details.

We’ve developed an integration connection to our pre-built API Platform that offers complete integration solutions through many popular shopping carts such as Magento, Magento Go, Shopify, Volusion, Ecwid, Big Commerce, Amazon.com and Yahoo, just to name a few. We can always add your particular cart to our list of integrated cart providers at your request, or you can transmit orders via our XML data method, contact us today for more details and pricing.

WeFulfillIt.com has specific URL's that accept XML files:

http://mis.wefulfillit.com/xmlget.asp - This URL is for non secure XML posts. This may be from your own custom cart or application.

https://mis.wefulfillit.com/xmlget.asp - This URL accepts secure XML posts. This can be used with Yahoo Stores as they require a URL that uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL https://). This type of connection uses secure encryption.

http://mis.wefulfillit.com/testxmlget.asp - This URL is for testing XML files. Orders sent to this address will not be completed.

Additional information and XML capabilities can be viewed at the #19 XML Developers section of the Help Station.

Optional XML Tags

Additional tags are acceptable within an XML file that can offer different features for an order. They include:

  • <Greeting></Greeting> - Place a greeting within this tag to send a message to the recipient. This will appear on the packing slip in the greetings field at the bottom.
  • <Note></Note> - Insert a note with helpful suggestions to our warehouse staff regarding the order.

  • Notes can not change order details such as declared values, shipping methods, product SKU selected for the order,billing to other shipping accounts or other data as entered in the order or on the MIS. There are special processes that need to be followed for gift wrapping, greeting cards and 3rd party billing that need to be followed. These special handling features need to follow proper procedures automatically in the system to be accurately handled and not just entered as a note. WeFulFillIT.com will not be held responsible if a note is not addressed in the manner you intended. Notes are intended to be used for helpful suggestions or reminders to the warehouse regarding items that are not automated in the system or in the order such as handling suggestions. We will handle these items in the manner we see appropriate and can not be held responsible. Any note that is listed in this field will print on the packing slip visible to your customer who receives this packing slip with the order.

  • <Signature>SIG1 or SIG2</Signature> - Indicate here if the package is to be signed for by anyone or by the recipient. The valid parameters are SIG1 for "An adult signature is required for delivery" or SIG2 for "A signature is required for delivery." These options are only used with FedEx and UPS shipments.
  • <ShippingMerchant></ShippingMerchant> - If you would like your packing slips to have an alternate company name appear instead of your own (in the top left), use this XML tag.
  • <Deliver>Residential</Deliver> - Specifies the shipment delivery type. Valid parameters are Residential or Commercial. This tag is required in the order as shipping charges differ from residential to commercial addresses.
  • <ThirdPartyAccNo>######</ThirdPartyAccNo> - The use of this tag is only permitted when doing business with big box retailers such as Dicks Sporting Good or Bed Bath and Beyond who require shipping on their account for compliance reasons. This tag will need be placed between the "</AddressInfo>" and the "<Item num="0">" tags on an XML order. Leave this blank or out of the submission entirely if not being used, because it will lead to a third party account surcharge being added to the order, regardless of its accuracy.

Note: A notification email is automatically sent for XML transmissions that are erroneous, notifying you of the action that was taken. XML orders with SKU's not in our system are rejected and/or dropped from the order automatically.

Contact us if you have additional needs or questions about the XML order process. Our team would be happy to assist you and/or recommend a solution that will fit your infrastructure.

Instructions for Batch and XML Files