Order Information

Orders come into the WeFulfillIT.com system from sources across the world. The 3 sources of orders are:

  1. XML Posts
  2. Batch Parsing
  3. MIS - Manual Order Entries

When an order is received, the flow of product distribution begins. All effort is made to get your order(s) shipped the same business day. Almost every order is handled in the same manner, checks and balances are in place, and protocol gets followed for each. The major steps in the life of an order include:

  1. Receive Order
  2. Inventory
  3. Pick and Pack.
  4. Ship Order.

Receive Order

As soon as the orders are received to our system, they are saved in a secure database. The method in which the orders are received will determine how the orders are "parsed". Parsing an order is used for XML and batch order processing. This is a means to identify the billing, shipping, and product information within the order. When the order is "parsed", this information is housed in our secure database.


The first aspect of an order is validating product inventory. When the order information is available, an inventory check is performed on the products to ensure sufficient stock for that order. If the stock is available the order packing slip is produced for our warehouse staff. If there is not enough stock of a particular item in an order, the order is placed on inventory hold until the stock of that item is replenished. An email will be sent to the email address on file to notify you that and order is on hold. The Stock Shipment Alert is used to define inbound shipments to our warehouse and replenish product stock.

Pick and Pack

After the inventory is validated, a packing slip is produced. This is a detailed list of the items in the order, destination location, and shipping method. The packing slip is not an invoice and does not include pricing information. A shipping note or customer greeting may also be defined, they appear at the bottom of the packing slip. In addition, a logo may be included to appear on your packing slips. View the requirements for this feature. Once the packing slip is printed our warehouse staff locates the product, packs the shipment, and prepares it for departure.

Note about notes and greetings: There are standards in place that only allow XML orders to have both notes and greetings added to the packing slip. The MIS manual order option only has the ability to add notes Batch orders do not have the ability to add greetings or notes.

Notes can not change order details such as declared values, shipping methods, product SKU selected for the order, billing to other shipping accounts, or other data as entered in the order or on the MIS. There are special processes that need to be followed for gift gift wrapping, greeting cards and 3rd party billing. These special handling features need to follow proper procedures automatically in the system to be accurately handled and not just entered as a note. These fields are automatically pulled through to the ship stations as you have them entered on the MIS or in the order. WeFulFillIT.com will not be held responsible if a note is not addressed in the manner you intended. Notes are intended to be used for helpful suggestions or reminders to the warehouse regarding items that are not automated in the system or in the order such as handling suggestions. We will handle these items in the manner we see appropriate and can not be held responsible. Any note that is listed in this field will print on the packing slip visible to your customer who receives this packing slip with the order.

Shipping Orders

Every effort is made to ship your orders in the same business day. The automation of our system provides this ability if the orders are received in the appropriate time. Our primary services for shipping are provided by UPS, Fed Ex, and the United States Postal Service.

WeFulFillIT.com will not be held responsible for stopping inaccurate orders, fraudulent orders or orders that have not been processed properly through your shopping cart software.  The WeFulFillIT system is designed to process every order that hits the system as long as it contains the proper data in the proper format.

 The shipping software will try to validate addresses but this is not to be used as a safeguard to catch bad addresses or fraudulent orders.  There is no guarantee that a bad address will be stopped by the address cleansing software built in to the carrier shipping software.  WeFulFillIT.com does not validate addresses directly it is handled through the carrier software.

Each Merchant is responsible for making sure that each order that reaches the WeFulFillIT.com system is a valid order.  Many shopping cart and merchant credit card processing platforms have checks and balances built in to verify orders and credit cards prior to transmitting the order data to the Merchant Information Station.  Please check with your web developer or shopping cart provider for more details.    

Edit and Cancel Order Requests

We can enter, edit or cancel orders for you if they have not been processed and you contact our warehouse by 12:00 p.m. EST. Due to our real-time order processing there are charges for these services. Fees also apply when requests are made to change on-hold orders to accommodate back-orders. If the MIS shows a tracking number for this order it has already been expeditiously processed and cannot be changed. If the order has already been packed additional handling fees will be incurred on top of the pull and pack fee to cover labor and packaging material costs. Edits and cancellations must be received by 12:00 p.m. EST.