Uploading a Product File

To import your product SKU file to the WeFulfillIT MIS, you must first create a Text (tab delimited)(*.txt) file including your products.  This can be done from most any spreadsheet application.  For example, Excel files can be saved as a Text (tab delimited)(*.txt) file.  Click this link to view an example of what this text file should resemble.

·        The format of this file must be SKU [TAB] DESCRIPTION [TAB] PRICE [TAB] THRESHOLD [TAB] UPC. (Do not include a header in the file, start with your first product)

If the file is not in this format you will receive an error message and your products will not be imported. Make sure you remove all column headings in the file and gaps in between your SKU’s, and at the end of the last item, before saving and uploading the file.  Successful imports show, "SAVED:" and the item(s) that are imported.


·        SKU's cannot exceed 40 characters and the description must be 40 characters or less.

·        Do not include duplicate SKU’s.

·        Please do not include special characters in your SKU’s.

·        Do not include the “$” character in the Price field, it is added automatically.

·        Do not include spaces in between your SKU’s and only use Aa-Zz, 0-9, and the hyphen "-"; other characters may cause interruptions.

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