Billing Report

As bills merchants twice per month, on the 15th day and the last day of every month you will receive an automatic email detailing the charges to your merchant account. The email will contain a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file that you can easily load into Excel or any of the popular spreadsheet programs.

You can view current and past billing reports by clicking the Billing Report link on the MIS main menu. Put in the month and the year you want the report for and click Build Report. The report will display all of your orders for the selected month, a summary of all the fee's you were charged during that month, and a summary of Kitting that was done and charged to your account during that month. The billing report shows the shipping cost, the packing fee, and the shipping date for every order during the selected month. In the orders section, you can click on the Details link, on the right side of the screen, to view more information about that order. Totals for each of the fees are listed at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: You can also view the charges associated to each shipment in the Order Details of the View All Orders section at the Main Menu. See View All Orders for an example.