Virtual Product

WeFulfillIT would like to announce a new ability that will help you to manage you product SKUs more efficiently which in turn will help you promote and up sell your products. The new Virtual Product ability will give you the flexibility to offer limited time specials of buy one get one free, or similar product packs. Multipacks larger than 6 products would still require a kitting request to cover manpower time spent packing the larger quantities.

How does it work?

The Virtual Product can be set up with little effort on your part. You would simply set up a multipack or special SKU with your shopping cart, add a Virtual Product to your MIS and relate that to the Product ID you want to offer in the special or multipack. Simple as that you can now offer a limited time sale on your website.

Are there any other uses for the Virtual Product software?

There are times when the manufacturer SKU needs to be converted to another SKU to match the shopping cart or your website. The Virtual Product software will allow you to convert one SKU to another.

Are there any costs involved?

There will be a one-time setup charge of $100.00 to use the Virtual Product SKU program. This program will be added directly to the Product Maintenance area of the MIS after you login.

What if I no longer have need for the Virtual Product?

Once you have paid the one-time setup fee you are free to use the Virtual Product as often, or as rarely, as you need it. Feel free to use this ability as often as you feel that it will help your business.

For more information on the Virtual Product ability click here or contact:

Sean Dyer
Technical Specialist
WeFulfillIT customer care