Quote Process

In order to streamline price quotes and make the process more efficient and accurate, we have now added a Quote Only option in the drop down shipping option area.

In order to have us obtain an accurate quote we will need you to enter all the order details in the MIS as a manual order and select QUOTE ONLY as the shipping option. You can also transmit this method in the XML and Batch Orders as well.

For XML orders please put the Quote Only between the <shippingmethod></shippingmethod> tags

For batch orders place Price Quote Only in place of the shipping method.

WeFulFillIT.com will pull the order using the accurate details for the items, box, weight and shipping address to get your quote with the various ship methods.

WeFulFillIT.com will e-mail you the quote and wait for you to respond as to what method you would like to use for the shipment. If you choice not to ship it, we will delete the order at the $2.50 Order Delete Fee. The order Pull and Pack Fees will still apply since this work is performed to get an accurate quote.

If you choice to ship the order you can let us know which ship method to use and we can Edit the Order for the $2.50 Edit Order Fee.

Customer Care will need 24 hours to prepare quotes so you will have a reply from us by the end of the next business day from entering your Quote Only Order.

After e-mailing the quote WeFulFillIT.com will wait 3 business days from the date the order was entered to hear back from you if you would like to ship this order. After that time the items will be returned to stock. You can always e-mail us if more time is needed to get a commitment for shipping from your customer and we can note that on the order and let it wait longer.

Quotes based on the actually order details will be more accurate but there are still variances that can apply please see our quote disclaimer:

Based on the information provided, the shipping cost is an estimated quote that may be subject to additional fees including but not limited to, price fluctuations, Delivery Surcharges such as Residential, Rural Delivery, and Fuel Surcharges as well as Customs, Duties, Taxes & Brokerage Fees. Wrap n' Ship Inc/WeFulfillIT.com will not be held responsible for any shipping cost fluctuations due price increases and inaccuracies that may occur due to the actual packaged box size, declared insurance values or other shipment variables.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this new quote process as it will take effect immediately.