Getting Started

So you have your online shopping cart set up and you have a line of products that you sell, pick, pack and ship to your customers. Your company is booming and you find that you are growing to the point that filling and shipping your orders takes up your valuable time. There seems to be little time left to offer service and support to your customer base, this is where WeFulfillIT comes in. By setting up a Merchant account you have started a process that will take much of that burden off of your shoulders.

With several order interfaces offered by WeFulfillIT, the order and shipping flow becomes a seamless task. Your order processing will be automated from start to finish. Orders arrive in our system by 3 primary methods.

  1. XML Orders - We have an XML order file format that interfaces with popular online shopping carts. Simply set up the cart to post the XML orders to our system, we will handle the rest.
  2. Batch Uploads - has developed a batch order format (tab delimited file; .txt file) that can be easily created. The file can be uploaded through the MIS where your orders are placed.
  3. Manual Order Entry- From the MIS, you can input an order manually.

Once your orders are in our system an inventory check is done and a pick and pack slip is produced. Our warehouse personnel will pick and pack the item and the order is shipped the same business day if received by the designated time.

After your order is shipped an automatic email is sent to you and your customer with order and tracking information. You can include shipping notes for our warehouse staff or a simple greeting with the item. Your next step is to signup! Once your account is activated in our system, you can start the stock shipment process to get your product to us and inventoried. That's all there is to it, sign up today!