Drop Shipping

Does your manufacture offer you better prices with larger orders?

Would you like to take advantage of the better prices but can’t manage the extra inventory?

Is it too hard to manage large order shipments to your resellers?

Have your manufacture ship your drop ship order to WeFulfillIT.com and let us do the work for you! 

WeFulfillIT.com would like to announce that we are equipped to handle drop shipments for your business. Let us help you take your business to the next level. When we receive large inventory levels we can separate the different products out into orders to be shipped to your retailers or customers. When we receive an order via XML we can display your logo and name, or your retailer’s logo and name as the ship from name on the packing slip.

If you would like your packing slips to have an alternate company name appear instead of your own (in the top left), place this XML tag between </Deliver> and <Signature>.

  • <ShippingMerchant></ShippingMerchant>

If your retailers request 3rd party billing on orders we can accommodate that request as well as long as they meet the following requirements:

  • 3rd Party billing is only available with XML orders
  • There will be a $2.50 handling fee for processing 3rd party billing orders.
  • The “bill to” address on the order has to match the 3rd party billing account number that the shipper (UPS or FedEx) has on file for that account number. If the information does not match WeFulfillIT.com would be billed by the shipper and would have to bill that amount back to you. 
  • The <ThirdPartyAccNo>######</ThirdPartyAccNo> tag will need be input between the "</AddressInfo>" and the "<Item num="0">" tag on an XML order.

If you would like to know more about our Drop Shipping services please contact our shipping department.